Buy the Damn Hat

Diving into my fashion journey was not as much of a dive but more of dipping my toe in. Many think that your style sense will just come to you magically without any fears our doubts which is not case, at least for me. There has been many times the droning thought of "someone like me cant wear that". But who dictates who can wear what? Who says only 6 foot, 120 pound models can wear whatever the hell they want?

Thinking back to my high school years I was always the follower, never the leader. I was too scared to push through my fears of being the "weird" kid to wear what I wanted and my closet was a direct reflection of those fears. Filled with jeans and plain colored shirts, my main goal was to blend in, look like everyone else. But the secret fashionista in me was always trying to break out. I told myself "in college I'm going to dress how I want!". Fast forward 4 years and my style had not changed. The coupling effect of being flat broke, and honestly being too tired to care, my fashion sense only came out on the occasional Friday night. I didn't find my sense of style until I was in graduate school, I was mildly less broke and had marginally more time to look into the way I dressed. My first big leap into my style was purchasing a flat brim hat, which I had contemplated buying for 4 months. Finally for my birthday I decided to take the plunge and just "buy the damn thing". I fell in love with it but then again, was too scared to wear it. It was months of staring at its beauty hanging on my wall before I mustered up the courage to wear it out. Low and behold I didn't burst into flames and the entire room didn't point and laugh at me for wearing my hat, I actually got complements! Everyone was intrigued and found my hat to be beautiful just as I did. Iv lost count of the number of times girls have come up to me and said "I am in love with your hat! I wish could pull off a hat like that". Well, I'm hear to tell you can! So buy the damn hat and flaunt it like you got it! 



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